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10 reasons to end marriage
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Marriage is when two different people come together to form a family, as planned by the law, to maintain a spiritual and physical life for a lifetime. Two people say “yes” with excitement and the...
The way to re-fire marriage
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As far as I can see in my studies, the biggest reasons for this are the ending or routine of sexual life in marriage. Due to the fact that social media is almost completely taking over our lives...
Here is the formula of happy marriage
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Is it love or logic? Here is the formula of happy marriage
Is the secret of a happy marriage hidden in love or logic? Psychiatrists said, "Imagine a car. This car has its engine and...
question What is the best season for the wedding?
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There are many factors to consider when choosing the best season for the wedding, from personal factors to weather. Try not to rush a date with enthusiasm, but rather analyze the conditions...
Date Ideas for Married Couples
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Although having a weekly appointment may seem brainless, many couples' good intentions are delayed to a future time when life is not too busy or there is more money. Very soon the children grew up...
Pros and Cons of a Covenant Marriage
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A New Trend in Marriage Reform or a Trap for Women?
The bottom part of most treaty marriage laws is that a couple cannot easily get a divorce. This means that when a couple gets their...