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question Can you marry someone who isn't physically interested?


I received a marriage proposal from a man, He is highly educated, respectful and speaks well. We seem to share similar interests.

But I don't think I am physically interested in what makes me think and attract myself.

Would that be a problem for me?
I have no doubt that he liked me, I just wonder if you should accept the marriage proposal. Does that bother me later?
Is physical attraction necessary in a marriage? It is hard to find educated and polite people like him ...
Can I get rid of these thoughts and accept him as he is? (sea)


It may not always be possible to love at first sight, to like someone very much from the moment he meets. Sometimes love, conversation, agreement, adaptation can develop spontaneously over time.
As you get to know someone, you get more connected to it. His personal characteristics start appealing to you. But for this it is necessary to give him time.