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Here is the formula of happy marriage

Is it love or logic? Here is the formula of happy marriage
Is the secret of a happy marriage hidden in love or logic? Psychiatrists said, "Imagine a car. This car has its engine and steering. The steering guides where it will go, the engine also energizes. The engine is love. The steering is emotion. Both of them must complement each other."

Both love and logic marriage must be together in a happy marriage. “The truth here is actually two-in-one marriages. Our ancestors did not say in vain, 'If love is blind, without boils.' Love is blind. When the realities of life are encountered after a while in marriage, love evaporates. Only when there is a marriage of logic, a situation can arise; marriage is such an institution that marriage does not work by making profit-loss analysis and calculations. Disintegrates in the first crisis. You also need emotion to beat the crises ”

Love is not a cause, but a result in marriage
Marriage is not a situation, but a process "Is love the cause or the result of marriage? According to the reviews made. Therefore, love is not a cause in marriage, it is a consequence.

Marriage maturity should be analyzed in spouse selection
One of the two important issues of marriage in human life is, “There is a marriage maturity scale used in psychiatry. This scale asks questions about four main categories. There are biological, emotional, economic and social factors. For example, the person here says, "Do I love the person I will choose as a wife?" He answers the questions. There is a saying like 'open your eyes before marriage, open half after marriage'. Marriage is one of the two most important decisions in human life. These decisions are spouse selection and career choice. In choosing a partner, one should analyze the maturity of the marriage. If it gives an average or above average answer, the person is ready for marriage. "

“There are life scenarios that we all learn in childhood. Everyone has a mother, father, brother and sister. There is a life scenario that we create with these people. After getting married, another actor comes into the person's life scenario. Then it is necessary to rewrite the life scenario according to that actor. If you say "Let my wife be like my father", this is not realistic. Because he is a separate person. In such cases, one should have the ability to adapt to the new situation, which we call mental flexibility.

One has to empathize with his wife. We need to start cultures such as discussion and self-criticism from the family. There is a saying that democracy starts in the family. In democracy, everyone is given the right to speak. This should be the same in the family. If we want justice in this age, the ideal method of this is to provide domestic democracy. If there is no justice in the family, mischief will come out. "

Financial sharing must be fair
Most of the problems in marriage are caused by the two sides comparing their families, financial problems and ego wars. The most important thing here is financial sharing at home. Whether this sharing is done fairly or not causes problems. In general, the women side always makes sacrifices in these shares. In traditional cultures, men use money as a stick against women. The relationship is broken because he uses it like this ”


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