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The way to re-fire marriage

As far as I can see in my studies, the biggest reasons for this are the ending or routine of sexual life in marriage. Due to the fact that social media is almost completely taking over our lives today, I have too many alternatives, or there are many people who are misled and may have lost their sexual desire for their partner. As the number of factors that stimulate the human brain increases, the interest or desire of a person decreases. Moreover, some concepts have been badly injured; Concepts such as loyalty or sacrifice are not on the agenda in marriage as before. In the past, these concepts kept marriage alive; but now it's like outdated concepts. It is very sad because the family is at the base of society and protecting the family means protecting the society.

Sustaining sexuality and passion between spouses in a marriage means keeping the marriage alive. Even if sexuality is extremely lively in the first years of marriage, this passion may decrease over the years; repairing it will not be as easy as predicted, especially in some discussions, when spouses harm their sharing by saying offensive words to each other. The generally used method would be to sweep these bad feelings under the rug, but in new discussions, this carpet is removed and old resentment comes back to the surface of marriage. If you want to protect your sex life, pay close attention to the words you say in the discussions and never say offensive words to your partner's person.

1- My first suggestion to women who say, “My wife has been away from me for a few months, she never touches me and we have been unable to live the slightest sexuality in bed. Here it is useful to determine this. In our society, men do not share the problems they experience in business life or with their friends, especially to share issues such as losses, problems and tension in business life is seen as a weakness for some reason. The man must always be strong and is raised by his family in this way; However, these troubles begin to reflect on family life and sexual life. The man does not know that he is increasing the problem unless he shares this situation with his wife; for he does not know that his wife is thinking of a thousand different scenarios and that at the very beginning there is the possibility of “another woman”, that is, “being deceived”. While trying to deal with his problems, he ignores the restlessness that starts at home and especially in bed. all you have to do is try to understand if your partner has a psychological or physical condition. There are several ways to do this; For example, some women pass their wives in detail by saying “I will have a check-up, let's accompany you and let me have a look”. This way they can tell if their partner needs some sort of ten thousand care!

2- Let's say that your spouse has no problem, there are no problems in business life, and there is no physical discomfort; so everything is fine! When you are sure of this first stage, I suggest you to do sports together. See; People who go for a walk every morning or evening, or just on weekends, do cardio work or exercise, know that sweating together increases sexual attraction between spouses. I am not saying this; According to a study at the University of Michigan, mutual desires are triggered and the sex life continues in a high rhythm due to the endorphin hormone secreted by the sportsmen and "sweating together". By the way, sports are useful in every situation, even better if you do together.

3- If you want to fire the men's brain, make a surprise to your partner and buy new underwear that will make them soggy. It always works. Try different colors, start with colors that you are not accustomed to seeing before, especially lacy underwear can be effective on your partner. While walking around the shopping malls, I have never seen that underwear stores are empty. Even abroad, the situation is the same, wherever you go in the world, women who know the way to influence the male brain constantly buy new models in underwear stores. This situation does not change, you know why? Because the male brain is never updated, and the issues that men are affected are the same.

4- In the list of matters that end sexuality in marriage, moving tensions in the office to the home will be at the top of the list. Office life is tense and the competition is quite tiring. This is such a mistake that you don't even realize that your sex life has started to disappear over time. When you come home while sitting in front of the TV, you continue to fight with your boss, who is constantly mobbing you in the workplace in your mind, you cannot get out of this stressful mindset while making love; or worst of all will be a heartless and soulless lovemaking. Leave the stressful environment in the office; do not carry the stress to your bedroom.

5- Some married couples use this method very well; do lunch breaks. If you have enough time on your lunch break and the distance between your work places and your home is suitable for this, definitely meet at home and experience sexuality during lunch break. The biggest mistake that married couples make is making a sexuality chart; For example, sexuality is experienced at this time and in that room, and a chart such as sexuality is done only in this position, even if there is a passion between you, it will completely end it. Such sexuality does not happen. The biggest spark at the core of sexuality is the “surprise factor” and its purpose is to stay away from routine. A sexual life that returns to the schedule and returns to its routine with its timing and location cannot sustain any marriage or relationship.

6- Create opportunities for yourself and, if possible, take a weekend break with your partner; Get away from the city, it doesn't matter, find a boutique hotel or stay alone in a place that interests you. Getting away is always good, and the surprise factor comes into play, you can re-burn the spark between you in a different atmosphere in a room where you have never experienced sexuality. No matter where it is, just make it a different place, making a change will be good for you. If you cannot do this, experience sexuality in different rooms in your home. Get out of the bedroom. The kitchen is a good option.

7- The mistake that ends sexuality in married couples is a mistake that they usually fall into. Even in married couples with tremendous passion, we see that after being a child, the husband and wife identity has been abandoned and replaced by the parent and father identity. There is nothing wrong with that; However, it is extremely important to protect the husband and wife identity between spouses. I heard from many women in individual sessions: "My wife no longer sees me as her wife, she sees me as the mother of her child." Married couples making this mistake put the child at the center of marriage; however, it is impossible for a child who has no knowledge of life yet and who is in full need of his parents to take the responsibility of it by going to the center of marriage. While spouses of course fulfill all their responsibilities regarding the child, they should also maintain their passionate husband and wife relationship. Otherwise, when they see each other only as parents, they soon lose passion and fever in the bedroom.

8- The biggest mistake made by couples who lost sexual passion in marriage in a short time and said that I do not want it any more after a few years; is to avoid sharing their sexual fantasy with each other. Taboos come into play in this regard, even though we have entered 2020, even in this period, sexuality is still a big taboo. The interesting thing is that this taboo is not destroyed even among spouses. Some married women think: "If I tell my fantasies to my wife, she may misunderstand me!" Is it a right way to keep these sexual fantasies in your subconscious all the time? Then, when he meets a person who addresses them, isn't it more risky to set them on fire and revive them? Isn't that the biggest reason for deceptions? Many people seek to experience sexuality with another person, which they cannot express clearly and cannot live with their spouse, and therefore their divorce rates increase. It is best to keep them in marriage and make communication between spouses more open. In this way, the number of divorces caused by the end of sexuality will decrease.

I wish you happy birthday already; May it be a year spent with health, joy, joy, peace and of course love.

You are loved.
See you,