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question What is the best season for the wedding?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best season for the wedding, from personal factors to weather. Try not to rush a date with enthusiasm, but rather analyze the conditions.

Here are the tips for choosing the best season for your wedding ...

Special date selection
Couples tend to choose a special date for themselves, such as dating, kissing or meeting their anniversary. These are romantic choices that allow the couple to relive the love they have shared ever since, but may not match other factors that you should always consider. Therefore, you can choose this date as a starting point.

Choose weekends
In general, people do their wedding on the weekends for the participation of more guests. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days when most of the wedding is held. However, in some countries, it is believed that getting married on Saturday will bring bad luck. Others believe it is best to have a wedding on Friday or Saturday so that guests can spend Sunday free as a day. In this way, they will enjoy the wedding on Friday or Saturdays, and they will still have a market to relax. Check your calendar and mark long weekends to take advantage of these dates.

Decide for the season
Knowing which month of the year you will have your wedding determines many things. Clothing, accessories, flowers, honeymoon and much more depend on the weather. In addition, the budget varies significantly from one season to another. Most people do their wedding in spring and summer. However, you can make your dream wedding any time of the year.

The season chosen by a couple actually depends only on their preferences, availability and costs. What you should always consider is the probability of rain foreseen for the selected date. Therefore, when choosing, avoid months with uneven geographical conditions.

If your plan is to hold a ceremony on the beach, you should definitely have a summer wedding. But if you want to have a thematic reception in a place surrounded by snow-capped mountains, you should definitely choose the winter. Region and environment are often very important for the selection of dates.

Personal beliefs

Some brides are more superstitious and decide to follow their beliefs when choosing the day to marry their spouse. Therefore, most people avoid getting married on Friday the 13th, as they believe it will bring bad luck.

Regarding the months, June and January are usually a symbol of good luck and happiness.


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